The Thrill of Watching God Work

The Thrill of Watching God Work

Over the last few weeks it’s been really exciting to simply sit back and observe God working in people’s lives within our community. Often as believers it can be hard to see the “results” or “fruit” of our labors as God works internally in people’s lives and its obscured from us…but as He works something profound and VERY observable begins to emerge. Life Change.

On Easter Sunday we heard the story of Haywood and his spiritual journey throughout the years. It was so fulfilling and satisfying to hear from him how God has stepped in to his life in so many different ways all helping to understand what the grace of Christ is all about and most importantly how it applied directly to his life. What joy filled us all as we listened to his words and watched his face light up as he talked about his wife, walking into our church for the first time and then how God proceeded to use others in the church to communicate the gospel and even answer some of his questions.

Observing God working in others is truly life altering…as Paul said to one of his good friends in Philemon “your love has given me great encouragement, because you brother, have refreshed the hearts of the Lord’s people.”

WATCHING someone be captured by Jesus encourages and refreshes our HEARTS. There’s something beautiful about seeing each other make progress in the faith.

Take for instance something I got to witness on the campus at UCF yesterday…one of the college students shared with us a diagram that God had impressed on her through her reading in our study on Ephesians. She drew it carefully for us while explaining how in the context of the verses it communicated not only about how our relationship with each other was changed by Jesus and the cross but how God and humanity’s relationship was forever transformed and redeemed by the cross.

God has obviously been working in her life and she is learning deep, profound truths that are changing here from the inside out and the transformation in her life is becoming more and more obvious with each day!

This my friends is part of spiritual refreshment for us…it gives us pause and satisfaction and gives God glory.

Paul echoed this strongly in 3 John “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth”

As followers of Jesus it produces a deep joy to see our brothers and sisters growing in their faith!

Author: Jim Poorman


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