H2O Church exists to authentically live out our faith as a community of fully devoted Christ followers, serving our neighbor & bringing the gospel to the spiritually curious in Orlando. We feel this can be lived out in the most healthy manner by maintaining a leadership team with various gifts and perspectives to facilitate the most well rounded spiritual environment for our growth. H2O realizes that the body of Christ has many members that have valuable input and gifting to contribute to the life and effectiveness of the church. We think that building a church around one Pastor or leader can be problematic and that we function better as a team.

We have a Pastoral Team, staff members, life group leaders, an internal board for accountability and governance, a local Advisory Board of experienced ministry leaders and we are members of Reliant Mission nationally. We feel fortunate to not be on our own but rather to have so many others to look to for input and wisdom. We believe Scripture that says “in an abundance of counselors there is victory”.

We are motivated by our commitment to the mission that Jesus called us to in Matt. 28:18-20 to make disciples of Him. We long to see others experience the joy and fulfillment that comes in following Jesus in todays world.