Mikesell: Meal Train

Mikesell: Meal Train

Join H2O Church as we rally around our Brother and Sister-in-Christ as we create a meal train for the Mikesell family.

Bethany- Gluten Free & No Red Meat

Jon- Gluten Free/ No Refined Sugar

Their 6 children range in ages from 7-17 years old.

Please sign up here to drop off a meal for the Mikesell Family of 8.

Drop off days are Tuesday, Thursday, & Sunday @ 4pm-5pm

Quick Breakfast Items for the Kids, Snacks, Crock Pot Dinners, Casseroles, and Desserts are encouraged.

(The family is not picky and they love all types of food; Italian, Mexican, Thai, Home Style American and spicy foods too)

Please be sure to have the dinner items prepared before hand or items that can be easily warmed up for the family dinner at 5pm.



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