Our community relies on and flourishes through the faithful giving and contributions from our members and others who share our passion and mission for reaching people with the Gospel. We are so grateful to those of you that give so faithfully to H2O! 

Thank you SO much for your partnership with us and for supporting the vision of H2O Church. We realize that on our own we can only accomplish so much but together as we share our resources we can get A LOT done for the Kingdom! Click the link here to GIVE NOW


We’re in the midst of a thrilling Capital Fundraising Campaign where our members and friends have given donations to help us pay for the exciting renovations to our new venue all in preparation for offering an incredible experience and outreach into the neighboring community in the Milk District. We’ve used these donations to create a new  “Living Room” in the front lobby where neighbors can utilize for business meetings, social functions, to watch sporting events, along with having access to a fully functioning Concert venue, Reception Hall and Wedding Venue. The total for the Project is 932K and we’ve already raised 538K!

If you’d like to be part of the fun and contribute in making this our “Place to Call Home” for reaching Greater Orlando CLICK HERE

Your information is held securely by the Fellowship One system. This information will remain private and will never be given away to third parties, other than to process your scheduled contributions.

You may schedule new contributions at any time and can modify or cancel those contributions at any time prior to the date they are scheduled. Once the contribution has been processed, however, it cannot be cancelled. If a transaction was processed due to an error on your part, or if you have any other problems or questions related to this, please contact us at 407-484-8331 or and we will be happy to help you.