Our goal is for each Life Group Community to provide these 5 types of environments- WELCOMING, LEARNING, HEALING, LIBERATING, & DARING. We love mid-size groups where you can blend in at your own pace, get to know others in our community in a healthy way, and share our lives together as we try to follow Jesus. Our goal is for you to feel welcome, to experience healing while you learn more about Jesus and that we take some risks as we dare to live out our passions and calling. You can expect to experience authenticity, openness, and to feel included. Below are some of what we offer presently.


This community meets on the East Side at the Poorman home weekly on Tuesdays and Wednesday night. We enjoy meaningful connection around a good meal, encouraging one another spiritually and inspiring each other to follow Jesus together.

If you’d like more information text Jim Poorman at 407-489-3440 or Allison Poorman at 407-489-3441.


This community meets 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, location varies. We spend time with one another and then focus on living as apprentices of Jesus. Contact John at 321-303-7903


If you’re a student at UCF, Full Sail, Rollins College, Valencia or Seminole we are really excited for this pivotal time of your life! All 3 of our Pastors led college churches and have a heart to reach and empower the next generation of leaders. If you’d like to connect with other college students in Orlando we’d love to help you connect with them. Just email our UCF Campus Director & Pastor Jim Poorman at Jim Poorman or text him at 407-489-3440 for more info.

Check out the H2O college website here


The J Walkers is a group of 45 and over folks who meet twice a month to connect and go through some excellent content together. They meet once for a lunch together and the second time during the month to go over their book content. Presently they’re going through the book titled “Bless” that focuses on becoming whole in Jesus.

Text Dawn Reed at 407-948-5351 for more info.