If you have a heart for serving kids and families, we’d love to have you consider being part of our Splash Children’s Ministry Team. We have opportunities in every age range—nursery, pre-K, kindergarten-2nd grade, and 3rd-5th grade. We also have a ministry called “Hydro,” which is our middle school/ high school ministry offered in the early service only. Thanks to our volunteers, our kids are in capable hands, who provide a great experience for the kids during our Sunday services!


We know you can’t function in the mornings without your cup of joe. That’s where the H2O Cafe and our Coffee Bar come into play… so If you’re a barista at heart, let us know! We also have an AMAZING spread of snacks at the H2O Cafe for free, each Sunday from 9:00-11am, all because we have some amazing volunteers who either BAKE/MAKE food, or BUY something delicious to share with everyone so we can hang out and fellowship together before church. If this is your area of expertise, let us know…we’d love to have you be part of this important team.


People continually tell us how much they enjoy the couches and coffee tables and the vibe at The Abbey….and we agree…what most don’t know is that we have a team of folks who roll up their sleeves and make this happen every Sunday morning. Being at this temporary location at The Abbey, we have a lot of work every single week to get the room just right. So…if you’re more of a “manual labor” kind of person, we would love to have you join in with us for set up and tear down. You’ll enjoy meeting some great people and get a little exercise for a good cause…and even learn some cool stuff without even trying. So come on…join the team!


Hello! See that wasn’t so hard was it?  Those fun people who greet you at the door on Sundays are part of our Hospitality Team. They also fold the bulletins, help usher people to their seats, and sneak donuts from the H2O Cafe when nobody is looking.


This goes beyond your basic “Hello!” and takes it further. We feel it’s crucial to help people get connected and help them to be known… we think that all of us want to be more than just another face in the crowd… so the Connection Team helps people to connect with H2O throughout the week.


It’s music to our ears, when we find out there’s more musical talent out in the church that we didn’t know about. No more hiding in the shadows! Let us know what ya got! We’d love to have you be part of the worship team!


Speaking of music to our ears…that music sounds good because we have some talented people behind the scenes making it happen. They can make ANYBODY sound good:-) As part of the Sound/Tech Team, you can learn about expensive sound gear and how to turn things up to 11! Seriously…our sound experts can teach you some really cool stuff! 


This team of servants help run our visuals for Sundays which helps us remember and engage with the worship and teaching. We realize that we all learn from hearing AND seeing… and thanks to our ProPresenter team, we get to see a lot of engaging things on Sundays. If you’re interested in helping out running the slides on Sundays, this is your gig.

If you’d like more information about where or how you can serve, contact Mary Ann Thomson via email or fill out the volunteer information below.