Spring Current Event 2019

Spring Current Event 2019

With Current, we are invited to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to the world. Our hope is for that to be evident in our lives, and for our love to be practical, as well as theological. So we invite you to get into the Current of what God is doing through our church as a family united.

The goal for this Current Event is to empty the house for renovations starting January 19th. 

Tasks will include:

  • Building boxes for packing
  • Emptying the garage
  • Removing backyard debris
  • Packing the house into a storage container
  • Organizing (Keep, Trash, Donate) 

Please join us Saturday, January 12th from either 8:00am – Noon or Noon – 4:00pm.  Sign up HERE!


Bonjour! I'm the Director of Administration for H2O Church Orlando. Most of the stories and events I post are written by other members of the church. If you have a story to share or were impacted by one of the teachings, I'd love to hear it. Go on- reach out! Maryann@h2ochurch.org

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