Mikesell: GoFund Me

Mikesell: GoFund Me

Meet Jon Mikesell and his beautiful family.  Jon is currently diagnosed with a cancer that initially started in the kidney but has metastasized to several areas of the spine.  Jon and his wife, Bethany have six children ranging in age from 17-7.  We are not calling this terminal, but doctors have said no one has outlived this particular cancer.

Bethany is currently in school, working, and taking care of their 6 children and Jon.  Currently, Jon is having to take time off from work at Massey to receive treatments.   If anyone or any group of people need help it is this beautiful family.  The doctors are not optimistic about the prognosis, but we are praying and helping in anyway we can.

We are asking you to join our effort to help this family.

CLICK HERE to visit the GoFund Me page.

Caleb. 17
Adria. 15
Elijah 13
Cana 11
Gideon 9
Moriah. 7


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