Hurricane Irma Update


Hey church! We wanted to update you about a few things with H2O and Hurricane Irma.

  1. We are CANCELING the Sunday services this weekend.
  2. We have an immediate need that we need to address: Jon Mikesell, one of our church members has an unfinished roof. We are planning on getting on his roof Friday at 7am, in order to prep it for the storm. If interested in helping out, please show up at 8111 Bucksaw Dr. Orlando FL 32817
  3. Kathy Zellinger has offered to be an official church liaison in the event that anyone has URGENT need as a result of the storm, i.e. if a tree falls on your house, or if your house floods, etc. please contact Kathy at 407-484-8331


Please stay safe this weekend, and know that we a re praying for you all!


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