Help Needed- Sunday Teams

Help Needed- Sunday Teams

The Sunday Teams are in desperate need!

-Do you enjoy driving a box truck?

-Do you take delight in arranging napkins, sugars, creamers, cups, and organizing things?

-Do you like picking things up and putting them down?

-Do you enjoy getting up early on Sunday mornings?

-Are you technically savvy?

-Do you enjoy A/V?

-Do you enjoy brewing drip coffee?


If you or a friend answered YES to ANY of those questions… Please consider joining the Trucking Team, Cafe Team, or Presentation Team.

Contact: Christy Sonnenberg


Bonjour! I'm the Director of Administration for H2O Church Orlando. Most of the stories and events I post are written by other members of the church. If you have a story to share or were impacted by one of the teachings, I'd love to hear it. Go on- reach out!

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