Our Splash Children’s Ministry is led by adults who are passionate about families. It doesn’t hurt that we’ve got a state of the art facility in The MEZZ that your child will love! Parents, we want you to know the classes that we offer for your kids!


Nursery (0-2 years old), pre-K (3 years old–before kindergarten), kindergarten-2nd grade, 3rd-5th grade (this is offered only in the early service); Hydro (6th grade through high school, offered only in the early service). 


All classes are offered except the 3rd-5th grade & Hydro (both of which are early service only).

Your children will have fun and will surprise you with how much they learn as they engage with our excellent curriculum called Faithweavers. It’s a highly interactive teaching tool that helps our families learn important biblical truths that they can apply during the week. Each age group is covering the same material but taught at their appropriate age level so your entire family can discuss the lesson around the dinner table that week…it’s a great concept that allows families to be on the same page and discuss God together…even if this whole God thing is new to you.

Our Splash Volunteers are ready to receive kids at 8:45 am, for the 9:15 service, and at 10:30, for the 11:00 service. You can check them in upstairs, then head down to the Abbey to grab your coffee and engage in the service.  We have a computer tracking system and registration protocol to ensure your child’s safety.

ALL of our Splash Family Ministry volunteers go through an official background check and are logged through Protect My Ministry.

If you’d be interested in serving in our nursery or have more questions about our about children’s ministry contact our Splash Children’s Coordinator Allison Poorman.