This year for spring break, the H2O College Group is going to be hosting our H2O Kent State Church from Ohio to do outreach on the UCF campus! Kent State University has recently planted a church and they have so much to offer us.  We intend to be all ears while we learn from them as they share their wisdom and innovative ideas with us!
Any college students are welcome to join us as the KSU leaders share the H2O Network Story this Sunday March 26th at Will Reed’s house.
Join us to hear their inspiring story!

TIME: 2:30pm
ADDRESS: 818 Harwood St. Orlando, FL 32803
WHO: Any college student!

Hey! I'm Jessi, the Social Media Coordinator for H2O Church Orlando (honestly, I just made up that title). Most of the stories I post are written by other members of the church, and we'd love to hear yours. If you have a story to share or were impacted by one of the teachings, I'd love to hear it. Go on- reach out! jessi@h2ochurch.org

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