Jim Poorman

Teaching Pastor & UCF College Pastor

Teaching Pastor & UCF College Pastor

Jim is from Cleveland, Ohio, plays ice hockey, rides motorcycles, and coaches football. He has a degree in Graphic Design from Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

Jim has helped lead churches for 25 years.

Jim teaches on Sundays, leads the Curry Ford Life Group, is involved in discipleship and loves to develop young leaders and build relationships with those who are far from God. He also has a heart for reaching college students at UCF, Full Sail, Rollins, and Valencia.

Jim & Allison have 5 kids, the oldest is a QB at Mount Union in Ohio. They've been married for 24 years.

John Hever

Teaching and Life Groups Pastor & Spiritual Formation

Teaching and Life Groups Pastor & Spiritual Formation

John is a dad of 4 and husband of 1, and has pastored and planted churches over his 25-year ministry career at places like Ball State and Southern Illinois. He’s from Muncie, Indiana and earned a degree from the Medical College Of Ohio in Physical Therapy. John also “did time” at THE Ohio State University. People that say “THE Ohio State University” have issues we think…

John loves kayaking, fishing, playing hoops and brewing his own beer.

Steve Reed

Counseling & Care Pastor

Counseling & Care Pastor

Steve has a Masters in Counseling Degree from the Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando and operates the Deeper Waters Counseling Center Office. He specializes in family and marriage counseling as well as mental health and addiction counseling.

Steve is a great listener and his patience adds a ton to our team…he regularly keeps us from making dumb decisions.

Allison Poorman

Radiant Women’s Ministry Director

Radiant Women’s Ministry Director

Allison leads our Radiant Women’s Ministry along with a team of women. Allison is a Mom of 5 so if she can stay Radiant then we have proof of God’s grace.
She is also our Splash Kids Ministry Coordinator, loves kids and her unique skills serve our families well. Allison is also a member of our Pastoral Leadership Team and is a deaconess in our church.
She is an accomplished opera singer and can rip a golf ball a long way…and catch bass…impressive.
Contact Allison for more info on our Radiant Women’s Ministry: allison@h2ochurch.org

Carey Gautreaux

Worship & Sound/AV Team Leader

Worship & Sound/AV Team Leader

With a name like that, you gotta expect him to be an LSU boy:-) Carey went to Full Sail and works at an Audio Visual Company here in Orlando that does some pretty cool stuff. Carey designs funky lighting effects, mixes music and can haze a stage…BUT…more importantly, he can sing and play guitar…which means he has it made for life.
His wife Brooke bats her eyelashes at him lovingly whenever he’s up on stage…they have a dog that Carey says is cute and his name is Tiger. Huh…LSU…Tiger…pretty original.

Kathy Zellinger

Administrative Coordinator

Administrative Coordinator

Kathy has served in a variety of roles with GCM/Reliant since 1986 and presently is the Staff Liason.

Kathy is incredibly gifted, can manage multiple projects at one time and never miss a detail all with a smile on her face. Honestly, none of us have ever seen her stressed out…we don’t understand how she does it…she’s an amazing example to us all.

At H2O she runs our Coffee Bar, helps organize systems and financial operations and numerous details that nobody else would think of.

Christy Sonnenberg


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Sundays at 9:15 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.


@ The Abbey
100 S. Lake Eola Ave.
Orlando, FL 32801



In the open lot adjacent to Church Street & Pine Street


Clothes. That’s about it. Some might look good. Some of us not so much:-) Just be yourself.